Thigh bands

Thigh bands
For the last 4 years our incredible Cordonelle  thigh bands have helped thousand of women experiencing the issue of thigh chafing during the summer. If you want to start wearing dresses and skirts again in the summer, then you should choose Cordonelle anti-chafing thigh bands.
These bands have been manufactured from the highest quality materials and are 15 cm wide. Due to double silicone strips at the top and at the bottom of each band, the bands stay in place, do not move and do not cause chafing. If you want to feel comfortable and discreetly solve your problem, then Cordonelle thigh bands are just for you.
Cordonelle bands are manufactured within the European Union, and the used silicone has certificates guaranteeing safety as far as contact with the skin is concerned.
For many years we have been offering the most comprehensive selection of bands, both smooth and lace ones, in a wide range of available sizes. We are doing our best to develop our products every season, basing on your comments, and we introduce novelties on regular basis, such as truly satin bands or a wavy silicone pattern. 
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Cordonelle antichafing thigh bands - bianco (GBI18)
15 cm wide, smooth, white anti-chafing thigh bands. This is a classic product from Cordonelle, with double silicone strips at the top and at the bottom, which keep these thigh bands in place. The bands are a perfect solution for hot days, as they prevent chafing between thighs. Cordonelle bands offered by enable you to feel comfortable and solve your problem in a very discreet manner. Composition: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane   ..
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Cordonelle smooth antichafing thigh bands - nero
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