An exclusive brand of tights and hosiery created for individual women who look for new ways of creation and for women who want to intrigue others by their looks.

Our  tights are available in huge range of denier: from black to nude and super shiny to totally matt! Our products satisfy the most demanding women. They are of the best quality and reflect the latest trends. Go subtly in sheer tights or choose colourful opaque tights that give you the most fashionable coverage.

For those who want something special we present our beautiful and amazing style of hold ups. We took great care to select seducing tights to adore your legs, all across the globe. Yarns from renowned companies, which are used in production of our goods, ensure great comfort of use.  

Browse our huge collection and feel free to place an order online! Choose from a variety of deniers and colours to pick the perfect pair for you!

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EXTRA Diamond Fishnet
Say goodbye to classical tights! This is the newest version of classical fishnet tights decorated with over 1200 top quality crystals that add amazing shine to the whole outfits. Such accessory successfully may replace classical jewellery and may perfectly do good for posh parties. Diamond-like crystallized fishnets add gloss and shine, and make you feel fabulous. Such beautiful trinkets should be in every devotee's wordrobe! Fishnets available in two colours: nero and visione. In standard version crystals are designed from an ankle to mid-thigh. If you want to modify fishnets add information in Custom height of the crystals for example the level of crystal height and the quantity. The second version is available at /p/2838/c/17_99/Tights/Fishnet-tights/Diamond-Fishnet Each fishnets are available on the order and it takes about 5 weekdays. If you want cryst..
Filodoro Absolute Summer 8 den
Filodoro Aurora 15 den
Filodoro Creta 13 den
Filodoro Oda 20 den
Filodoro Venere 20 den
Filodoro Vesta 40 den
Fiore Abella 20 den
Fiore Abella is classic matt tights 20 den with seams decorated with metallic thread. The seam is in a color tights. Invisibly reinforced toe, without marked panties, with comfortable flat seams. Made of elastane yarn for improved durability. Perfect for special occasions. ..
Fiore Adriana 30 den
Fiore Agatha 40 den
Agatha Fiore is an original patterned tights 40 den. The model is the latest collection autumn-winter 2015/2016 by Fiore. Tights are made of high quality microfiber. Agatha tights are semi-opaque and matte. The pattern imitating stockings will be a perfect complement to your styling. Flat seams and invisibly reinforced toe provide comfort while wearing.   ..
Fiore Albi 30 den
Fiore Albi 30 den is tights for girls with an elegant satin gloss effect. Made from single-covered yarns for increased durability. Composition: 87% polyamide 13% elastane ..
Fiore Alexis 40 den
Fiore Alexis is sexy tights made of microfibre with pattern imitating stockings. Invisibly reinforced toe portion unchecked waist, comfortable flat seams and covered elastane yarn for improved durability. ..
Fiore Alpia 60 den
Fiore Alpia is sexy tights with a hold-up imitation pattern. Invisibly reinforced toe portion, comfortable flat seams and single-covered elastane yarn for improved durability. Composition: 87% Polyamide 12% Elastane 1% Cotton (small gusset) ..
Fiore Alzira 60 den
Fiore Alzira is elegant patterned tights manufactured in the 3D-Pattern technology with top quality yarn for improved durability. Flat seam, cotton gusset and invisibly reinforced toe portion will provide you comfort. Composition: 81% Polyamide 18% Spandex 1% Cotton (small gusset) ..
Fiore Amare 20 den
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Fiore Amia 60 den
Fiore Amia is elegant patterned tights with thickness of 60 den made in 3D-Pattern technology from the highest quality yarns braided to increase their durability. Cotton gusset and flat seam will give you comfort, unmarked panty part and invisible reinforced toe partmake pantyhose perfectly fit into any outfit. Composition: 81% Polyamide, 18% Elastane, 1% Cotton (small gusset) ..
Fiore Amitis 40 den
Fiore ANDRESSA 20 den
Fiore ANDRESSA is fashionable tights in 20 den. Matte, with invisibly reinforced toe, no panty part, with comfortable flat seams. Elastane yarn for improved durability. The perfect complement to any stylish ensemble. ..
Fiore ANDRINA 40 den
Fiore ANDRINA is trendy tights with pattern imitating leggings, with invisibly reinforced toe portion. When choosing the color black, you order a model Andrina with blue trouser leg part and a stripe in the color black. ..
Fiore Anela 60 den
Fiore Anela is exclusive microfibre tights 60 den with subtle 3D pattern, made from the highest quality covered yarns. Cotton gusset, flat seams and invisibly reinforced toe keep you comfortable while wearing.     ..