Semi-opaque tights

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Knittex  Punto 20 den
Knittex Cats' paw 40 den
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Knittex Code 40 den
Knittex Isabelle 20 den
Knittex Isabelle is classic, transparent, half matte tights. Reinforced toe and panties parts for durability. ..
Knittex Moira 40 den
Knittex Moira is charming tights with pattern that look like stockings. Elegant, sexy, soft and comfortable Highly fashionable. Reinforced toe portion, comfortable flat seams and single-covered elastane yarn for improved durability. The leg is a heavier thickness and darker, The upper thigh area is sheer in this portion only. ..
Knittex Noa Silver Fresh 40 den
Knittex Noo Crystal 20 den
Marilyn Gucci G18 60 den
Marilyn Mama 40 den
Marilyn Naked 40 den
Marilyn Naked is the highly exclusive tights made from the highest quality yarn. Tights provide you with amazing comfort and a real touch of luxury for your legs. Extremely durable and elegant are the perfect complement to any outfit.     ..
Marilyn Plus Up 40 den
Marilyn Plus Up is smooth, matte, semi-opaque tights with elastic Lycra fibers, 40 den. Reinforced panties part shapie your buttocks, stomach and hips, with small cotton gusset and reinforced finger parts.   ..
Marilyn Relax tights 50 den
Marilyn Relax is relax tights 50 den anti varicose. Variable degreef oppression prevents swelling and improves circulation. Reinforced panties part gently model the silhouette. ..
Marilyn Style 40 den
Marilyn Style is elegant, soft and comfortable tights. Tights made of elastan type yarn, semi transparent, half-matt, with strengthened knickers part . Great for everyday and evening wear.  ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Mona-Tespol Push-up 40 den
Mona-Tespol Push-up is an elegant pantyhose modeling with push-up effect with a thickness of 40 den. Modeling part of the panty not only raise your buttocks, but also flatten the stomach. ..
Mona-Tespol Relax 40 den
Mona-Tespol Relax is relaxing tights 40 Den, with cotton gusset. Special selection of the fiber increased durability of tights and gives a gradual pressure that prevents cellulite. ..
Mona-Tespol Tina 40 den
Mona-Tespol Tina is tights 40 den microfibre. Matte, flat seam, cotton gusset. Opaque flexible without marked panties. ..
Mona-Tespol Valentine 40 den
Sisi Fascino 40 den
Veneziana Camille 30 den taupe