Semi-opaque tights

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Gabriella Hipsters Exclusive 40 den
Gabriella Hipsters Exclusive 40 den is smooth hipster tights, thickness of 40 den. Made of high quality microfiber. Finished decorative lace, which is streaked with silicone band. Tights are very comfortable to wear. ..
Gabriella Jenny
Gabriella Kelly 20/40 den
Gabriella Kelly 20/40 den is tights with imitation sock. Made of the highest quality yarn. Tights have thickness of 20 den, and the imitation of socks has a thickness of 40 den. Flat seam, cotton gusset, invisible reinforced toe portions and a without marked panties will provide you comfort. ..
Gabriella Melia 40 den
Gabriella Melia is patterned exclusive microfibre tights 40 den decorated with original design, manufactured using Lycra 3D technology. Cotton, small gusset and flat seams provide comfort and convenience. Invisibly reinforced toe. Perfect for special occasions. ..
Gabriella Monica
Gabriella Nelly
Gabriella Paty 40 den
Gabriella Paty is trendy tights imitating overknee. Tights made from Lycra fibers double braided silk polyamide.The model has a cotton gusset and flat seam. ..
Gabriella Supreme 40 den
Gabriella Verita 20 den
Gabriella Verita 20 den is tights a thickness of 20 den with fancy seam on the back legs. Made of the highest quality yarn. Flat seam, cotton gusset and invisibly reinforced toe portions will provide you comfort. Perfect for any occasion. ..
Gabriella Vicky 40den
Gabriella Vicky 40den is tights imitating knee thickness of 40 den. Made of Lycra fibers double interwoven silk with polyamide. Without marked panties with cotton gusset, and flat seams. Perfect for any occasion. ..
Gatta Body Protect 40 den
Gatta Est Belle 02 50 den
Gatta Est Belle 03 50 den
Gatta Laura 40 den
Gatta Laura is a classic, smooth, semi gloss, translucent tights with a thickness of 40 den. Made using flexible LYCRA fibers. Cotton gusset, reinforced panty and toe for comfort and durability   ..
Gatta Lorien 04 40 den
Gatta Lorien 06 40 den
Gatta Lorien 08 40 den
Gatta Lorien 09 40 den
Gatta Naomi 03 40 den
Gatta Rosalia 40 den
Gatta Rosalia is smooth, matt, semi-opaque microfibre tights in thickness of 40 den. Thanks to yarn of the highest quality, the tights perfectly adhere to the body. Invisibly reinforced toes, unnoticeable panties part, flat seam and small, cotton gusset ensure durability and wearing comfort. They are ideal for autumn and winter days.   ..