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Eldar Figs Coco
Eldar Figs Lara
Eldar Figs Vadis
Eldar Figs Vala
Eldar Figs Valeria
Eldar Figs Vanda
Eldar Figs Violetta
Eldar Figs Viva
Julimex Figi Shape & Chic Wysoka Talia
Julimex Figi Shapewear 241
Julimex Figi Shapewear 271
Julimex Shape & Chic Wysoka Talia
Mitex Ala Figi
Mitex Ala Figi is shaping sexy lace panties with lace and sensual floral motif. High rise gently flatten the stomach and eliminate the so-called folds.Figs are designed to give you a sense of comfort. Ideal even under very tight clothes.   Composition 95% cotton 5% lycra ..
Mitex Ela Figi
Mitex Ela Figi is shaping cotton high rise figs. Front has been reinforced so that panties gently flatten the tummy and emphasize the hips. Bottom part is finished with a sensual,soft and pleasant to the touch lace. Perfect for hot days.   Composition: 70% cotton 20% polyamide 10% spandex ..
Mitex Figi Pure Care
Mitex Figi Pure Care is shaping figs, flatten the lower part of the abdomen, emphasize the waist and hip line. Specially designed rear subtly raises the buttocks. The upper part has been finished from inside the silicone band that prevents slipping and keeps her underwear all day on the site. Panties are fastened to step on the latch for easy daily use. Ideally adhere to the body, making it invisible under clothing.   ..
Mitex Figs Pure Love
Mitex Glossy Briefs
Mitex Iga Classic Figi
Mitex Iga Classic Figi is smooth, soft and extremely flexible shaping figs. Ideally emphasize waist, flatten the stomach and shaping hips. Strong durable material ensures durability. Down part is made of silky cotton which provides comfort.   Composition: 70% cotton 20% polyamide 10% spandex ..
Mitex Ila figi
Mitex Ila figi is smooth, full shaping figs. Ideally flatten the tummy and gently correct hips line. Thanks to a specially designed rear push-up the buttocks. Soft to the touch, strong material to keep you comfortable during wear and durability.   Composition: 70% cotton 20% polyamide Spandex 10% ..
Mitex Laser Cut Figi L02
Mitex Laser Cut Figi L02 is smooth shaping figs . Flatten the stomach, shaping hips and waist. Thanks to modern technology, laser trim figs are invisible under clothes they are perfect for even the most tight-fitting clothes.   Composition: 60% polyamide 40 % Spandex ..