Mitex Laser Cut Figi L02Mitex Laser Cut Figi L02

Pants Mitex
Size Hips size
S 88-93
M 93-98
L 98-103
XL 103-108
XXL 108-113
3XL 113-118


Mitex Laser Cut Figi L02

Brand: Mitex
Product Code: Laser Cut L02
Price: $20.65 $24.29

Mitex Laser Cut Figi L02 is smooth shaping figs . Flatten the stomach, shaping hips and waist. Thanks to modern technology, laser trim figs are invisible under clothes they are perfect for even the most tight-fitting clothes.



60% polyamide

40 % Spandex

Colour: white / black / beige /
occasion: daywear / work / summer /

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Kolor : white